Wednesday, March 3, 2021
by Lancom Technology
Published: February 2, 2021 (4 weeks ago)
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Our team of full stack experts will take an unbiased approach to planning your migration by learning your goals, assessing your current setup, finding any gaps in your skills and technology, and putting it all in a detailed plan.
With competencies across the board, we are one of the few tech shops that can take an unbiased approach to planning your move to the cloud.
Free cloud readiness assessment
Your free project plan for the cloud
With greater productivity and lower costs, the business case for moving workloads to the cloud is clear. Project planning your migration is as important as the implementation work itself. A cloud readiness assessment will transform your business’s idea of moving to the cloud into a detailed plan that explains how to make it happen and in what order events should occur.
You might even qualify for funding
Depending on your workloads, you may even qualify for funding to support you with your transition to the cloud*.
* To be determined based on workload typeimg-main-cropped-workshop-2
Why a cloud readiness assessment?
Why a cloud readiness assessment?
Uncover cost-saving opportunities. Reduce your cloud deployment costs and identify savings
Gain insight into existing costs by better understanding the cost of your existing IT infrastructure
Modernise your IT. Understand the process to introduce cloud services to your business
Leverage our proven experience. We’ve helped many businesses like yours move to the AWS cloud.