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Published: August 5, 2022 (3 days ago)



The PIP installers have a few known issues; see: Problems with Windows 10 and PIP installers
The NTFS partitions are corrupt when using any older versions of Windows prior to Windows 7; see: Corrupt NTFS file system. Note: When I tried to attach to the WSL core dump it raised a similar problem but I managed to avoid this by starting via the WSL and then switching to bash, you have to then run sh without -i. I found that I was then able to attach to the bash core dump.


In my case, I had
WSL bash
WSL zsh
WSL powershell

I don’t know why the above was the cause, but only restoring to my previous version from an old Windows backup fixed it.

. Finally, we developed three theses that represent the state-of-the-art for current OHS practices across a set of economic sectors and provincial or territorial jurisdictions. We found that the focus on safety culture has had mixed results and that much work remains to be done to strengthen these collective values.

The authors would like to acknowledge the contribution of Dr. Clark Colton and the University of Alberta team for their assistance in assembling the data required for this report.

The authors declare no conflicts of interest.

Dow Rail Recognized for RFP and BPA Excellence



Dow Rail of Ontario, the only rail supply company in North America to be certified for both the 2005 Best Practice Awards for RFP and the 2009 Best Practice Awards for BF.

Dow Rail has been recognized in two categories among the Best Practices Awards for RFP. Dow Rail was awarded a Certificate of Excellence in the 2010 Category: Adoption of Best Practices in RFPs in the Private Sector. The award recognized Dow Rail’s success in implementing best practices in the areas of effective, efficient, and cost-effective RFP responses, including an integrated strategic approach to identifying contract opportunities. In addition, Dow Rail has been recognized in the 2009 Category: Adoption of Best Practices in RFPs. The award recognized Dow Rail’s success in developing and successfully implementing a communications and marketing plan to effectively communicate the company’s vision and best practices.

In addition to the RFP awards, Dow Rail was also listed as a 2009 Best Practice

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