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The story of Abar Byomkesh is centered on a inspector, Abar Byomkesh (Arjun Chakraborty) and how he solves. 2012 Bengali Movie Abar Byomkesh (2012) 720p HD Bengali Full Movie Online for Free…
-Bangla Movie Online – ABAR BYOMKESH (2012) 720p HD Bengali Movie. The story of Abar Byomkesh is centered on a inspector, Abar Byomkesh (Arjun Chakraborty) and how he solves.
Information about Abar Byomkesh Movie. Directed by Aniket Chowdhury, 2012. The information about the movie Abar Byomkesh,.
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What’s a good way to get the values of a lot of variables with minimal code?

I’m making a board game. There are N numbers of numbers of items on the board that the players can have.
It would be neat to give the players a list of the numbers of each item on the board, so they can see what they have and what they need to complete the game.
The number of items on the board ranges from 2-7.
What’s the best way to do it?
Is it worth saving lots of variables in a dictionary, storing them all as strings, then passing a list of strings to each player?
What should I use?


I’d use a.txt file.
Just have a file:


Then have a function to load the file into a Dictionary. Ie:
Dictionary itemAmounts(string filename)
Dictionary counts = new Dictionary();
string input = File.ReadLines(filename).FirstOrDefault(x =>!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(x))
‘).Skip(1).Select(x => x.Trim()).ToArray();
foreach(string item in input)
counts.Add(item, int.Parse(item));
return counts;

Also, just save your inputs into your file.
I would do something like this:
void RunGame()
Dictionary itemAmounts = itemAmounts(string filename);
//Rest of your code that deals with itemAmounts here


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