Monday, March 8, 2021
by JunknDump
Published: February 24, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
Wellington, New Zealand

Collecting Junk & Taking It Away:
We help people in Junk Removal Wellington clear away junk and items they no longer want around their home or workplace. We remove almost anything – by the bin load or the truck load. We collect furniture, whiteware, excess rubbish and recycling and green waste.

We save your back from the heavy lifting and the stress of what to do with all your stuff.
You can enjoy a clean and clear property knowing that the items we took away have been disposed of responsibly. Our goal is to reduce how much goes to our landfills and dispose of everything in an eco-friendly way. If something can be recycled or repurposed, that’s what we’ll do.
We make it easy for you. You simply tell us what you need removed and we’ll take it away. We’ll do the sorting into what can be recycled, repurposed or taken to the landfill. It’s about keeping our environment healthy for future generations and being smart about how we dispose of household and commercial items.
We promise a friendly, discrete and efficient service that won’t cost the earth. Our goal is to provide a truly helpful service that is easy to book and use.

We charge based on the size of the load we’re taking away. Give us a call to tell us what you need collecting and we’ll give you a quote.