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by Expertturf
Published: February 23, 2021 (1 week ago)
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The lawn turf in Tauranga, Tall Fescue is a dark green grass with a broad, flat leaf. It forms a thick sward of grass that copes well in high traffic areas and is great for kids to play on. It wears well, has good drought and shade tolerance and is less susceptible to damage from insects and grubs. The dark colour and textured look work well in landscapes where a deep contrast is sought. Tall Fescue must be mown high (50mm) to maintain its premium condition and it is beneficial to regularly apply pre-emergent sprays or fertilisers to control foreign grasses and selected weeds. The combination of these seed types produces a high density, fine textured, versatile grass suitable for most situations. Its hard-wearing factor is great for the family and the intertwining finer grass gives an appealing look with a soft feel underfoot. This blend is suitable for both full sun and semi-shade conditions.

Hydroseeding is a cost effective option for obtaining a new lawn over a larger area. We use only a premium blend of Dwarf Rye and Chewings Fescue grass seed in our hydroseed mix or we can apply a blend of your choice. The sprayed on mulch bonds to the prepared soil to withstand wind and regular rainfall. The combination of mulch and fertiliser creates an ideal environment for the seed to germinate.

Lawns hydroseeded in spring will initially establish well, but due to immature root development, may suffer during the summer months and the invasion of weeds and summer grasses should be expected. While flat weeds can be treated yourself, summer grasses will need to be sprayed by an approved chemical handler.

Instant lawn grown by Expert Turf is supplied to you growing in rich, black topsoil. Thanks to Mt Taranaki our topsoil is known for being among the most beautiful and nutrient rich soil in New Zealand. This produces a healthy, mature grass of outstanding quality.

Summer grass refers to a range of grass weeds that arrive when the weather is warm. There are many different varieties of summer grass and they invade both gardens and lawns. They will appear where you have thin grass cover or they can also be blown in on the wind and invade a very good lawn. Some lawns can be treated with over the counter products while others will need to be treated with products under the care of an Approved Handler. Our staff are trained and can spray these grasses for you. To gain control over the infestation, we recommend spraying soon after they first appear and again another month later. Spraying too late in the season is ineffective.

During winter and wet seasons, moss can appear in some lawns. Moss will usually grown in damp, compacted soils and shady areas. Left untreated, moss will take over the grass and die when the weather dries out leaving bare patches. Treat moss when it appears with Iron Sulphate and consider aerating the soil and pruning surrounding trees to help prevent it returning.

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