by Auto Upgrades
Published: February 6, 2021 (2 years ago)
17L Douglas Alexander Parade,Rosedale, Auckland, 0632

At Auto Upgrades, we can tune your car, so it delivers the levels of performance you want. This includes if you want more power and torque or if you want better responsiveness when you press the accelerator. We also offer eco tuning to reduce your car’s fuel consumption and save you money.
All our car tuning services are delivered by our experienced, Auckland-based team. That experience includes all makes and models of car including European, American, and Japanese brands.
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Performance Tuning Services in Auckland:
Most cars don’t perform at their full capabilities when they roll out of the car showroom. Our Performance Tuning service is the ideal solution if you are in the Auckland area.
Performance tuning involves improving the power output of your car as well as increasing its torque, giving you more dynamic acceleration.
Our power and torque tuning services are available for a wide range of cars. Our engineers are all highly experienced too,
Not everything is about power and torque when it comes to vehicle performance. The response of your accelerator is also crucially important too. In the ideal situation, you want your throttle to immediately respond to the pressure you put on the accelerator, whether that is increasing pressure to build speed, or reducing pressure to tail off your acceleration.