Thursday, March 4, 2021
by SIFCO fastening solutions
Published: February 8, 2021 (3 weeks ago)
8 Holt Place Burnside Christchurch New Zealand 8053

Just what the timber industry has been asking for, a tacker that uses polymer staples to label both logs and sticks of timber.
The 81PS OMER® pneumatic tacker, using polymer staples 10mm & 14mm which are designed to eliminate damage to bits, blades, cutters and sanding belts when the timber is being processed.
Polymer staples have the added advantage that they will not rust, bleed or stain timber. They can be used in virtually any environmental conditions without adverse effect – they won’t shatter, melt or fall apart.
Staples feature a full 13mm crown which gives good holding power to labels or wrapping being fastened to timber.
The 81PS air tacker features a convenient bottom loading magazine with easy release and is light-weight for better manoeuvrability.
Great tool for doing Tagging Timber, Wrapping Timber Packs, Marine applications and Under floor insulation

Designed for high volume commercial use.
Long nose for easy use.
Rear exhaust.
Rubber grip.
Fast bottom loading magazine.
Contact safety trip.

Eliminate damage to machining blades and sanding belts.
Eliminates wood discolouration.
Increases holding power.