Sunday, March 7, 2021
by Kenlomax Landscaping
Published: February 9, 2021 (4 weeks ago)
Christchurch New Zealand 7670

Specialists for Pergolas & Water Features in Christchurch:
Pergolas offer a range of benefits to your home, including:

Giving you a shaded area to relax and enjoy your outside spaces. Your pergola will need to be installed and positioned properly to ensure you get the shade that you want. At Stone Landscapes, we have extensive experience building stunning and highly effective pergolas in Christchurch.
Pergolas add definition to your outside space, clearly separating sitting areas from other parts of your garden.
Pergolas can increase the value of your CHCH home while also making your home more desirable whenever you decide to sell it.
They look highly attractive, too, plus pergolas as less costly than other alternatives.
We specialise in the building of pergolas in Christchurch. We will develop a design that suits your outside space, and that will deliver the best results. We’ll then professionally install the pergola, so it is durable and looks fantastic.
We can also help if you want to install a water feature. Water features Christchurch are becoming increasingly popular in Christchurch. They add character and charm to an outside space, as well as creating a focal point.
The type of water feature you install is only limited by your imagination, as there is a wide range of options on the market. We can help you select the right option, and we will then complete all the preparation and installation work. Get in touch today to find out more.