Saturday, Oct 12 03:23pm
AUTHOR: Simon Chapman

VIDEO: Peter Vodanovich suffers big barrel roll at Bathurst

Paul Morris Racing Academy driver Peter Vodanovich has suffered a sizeable rollover in Race 2 of the Toyota 86 Racing Series at Mount Panorama.

The 18-year-old was challenging for a top-five finish when the crash happened. Fortunately, he was able to walk away from the incident.

Vodanovich lay seventh just ahead of fellow countryman Jaden Ransley in what had been a relatively uneventful race with until the final two laps.

As the leaders came to the white flag it was a three-way battle for the top spot coming it’s Murray’s Bend. Luke King was on the inside, Aaron Borg in the middle and Luke van Heerwarde on the outside.

King managed to get the lead while Declan Fraser looked to follow him down the inside. As Fraser got to the apex, he clattered into Borg, who was sandwiched by Vanna on his outside. The trio went off the road, which allowed King to sprint away.

Fraser somehow managed to get second with Lachlan Gibbons third, Borg fourth, Dylan Thomas fifth and van Heerwarde down in sixth. While all that was happening, Vodanovich was still in seventh and catching the leading pack.

King was untroubled up the front, but Fraser made a mistake and allowed Gibbons to get second at The Cutting. It wasn’t for long though as he crashed on approach to The Dipper. The contact broke the toe link on the left rear and he began to hemorrhage time.

With only Conrod Straight, The Chase, and two corners after that to go, Vodanovich was looking like he could claim a top-five finish. Gibbons was dispatched and Vodanovich was sixth while Ransley sat behind him now in seventh. Then the drama kicked off.

Second through to seventh were all covered by only a few car lengths. As the cars came to the braking zone at The Chase, Vodanovich went onto the grass. Unable to slow down, the left front wheel clipped the right rear wheel of Fraser and sent Vodanovich into the air. The car rolled onto its side and then barrel-rolled through as it dug into the grass and gravel trap.


Vodanovich came to a rest in the gravel trap upsidedown. Fortunately, Vodanovich managed to extract himself from the car and walked away from the crash.

The race continued ahead and King claimed victory. Borg managed to get second place back while Vanna was van Heerwarde third, Thomas fourth and Ransley fifth.