Monday, Oct 9 07:44pm
AUTHOR: Matthew Hansen

Jack Milligan reflects on explosive debut Bathurst Toyota 86 performance

After getting a weekend-long taste racing at of Mount Panorama, former Carevets Racing Scholarship winner Jack Milligan wants more.


The Christchurch local spent the majority of his debut weekend inside the Australian Toyota 86 Racing Series top 10. Having qualified in eighth place in race one, he finished in fourth. Then in race two he improved to third, after losing out at Griffins Bend while contending for victory.


Race three didn't quite go to plan, with the young driver getting involved in an incident at the Chase, before then getting wide at Griffins Bend on the closing lap. A post-race penalty further harmed his result, but failed to take away from a very impressive performance — underlined by the Kiwi claiming the fastest lap of anyone in the 86 series.


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“That result in race three wasn't the best for us, but looking back at the weekend, we had a not too bad result. Coming here for the first time, to get on the podium — I didn't think that was going to happen,” Milligan told


“We had the speed, we had the fastest lap of the whole weekend by half a second. To be honest, coming into the weekend I didn't think I'd be in that top five. My original goal was the top 10 ... and then obviously we got into the top three.


“I've accomplished my goals, and I'd love to come back and have another go.”


The deal for Milligan to compete in the series comes off a strengthening of the bond between New Zealand's 86 single-make series and Australia's — a connection that could help more young Kiwi race drivers link up with the Australian motorsport scene. 


“I think it's cool for people in New Zealand to lead up to this series. Anyone who gets the opportunity to come here, well, they're not going to say no — I definitely wasn't going to say no.


“It's cool having the series in New Zealand and the same series over here. They have their differences in tyres and stuff, but at the end of the day they're still Toyotas and we're all still racing for the same thing. I think it's great.


“I can't thank my team and sponsors and all my family back at home, mum and dad that are here enough for their support. It's been phenomenal.”