Monday, Feb 5 04:44pm
AUTHOR: Simon Chapman

Alister McRae gets back-to-back wins at Leadfoot Festival

Scotland’s Alister McRae won his second Leadfoot Festival title on the trott, once again behind the wheel of the ex-Possum Bourne Race to the Sky winning Subaru.

McRae won the Open Class division for the fastest cars at the meeting with a time of 49.15 seconds. Second place was taken by Ashley Forest Rallysprint record holder Sloan Cox, who managed a 50.71 run up Rod Millen’s driveway.

While the rally cars dominated proceedings, Dean McCarroll threw a spanner in the works with a 51.10 in his Juno SC2016.

It’s the second win after McRae won the annual hillclimb event with the Prodrive Subaru WRX STi now run by Speedhub Motorsport last year.

Speaking with velocitynews.co.nz, McRae said it was good to get two in a row and a third might be on the cards.

“Obviously you come to these events as a social event, but as soon as there’s a stopwatch involved and other drivers it gets competitive,” He said.

“It’s a great event. There are a lot of people here and obviously the Vantage Subaru went really well and we got a win. So I’m happy!

“Advantage own the car and it seems to be that I’m now the trusted driver. They asked if I wanted to come back and obviously winning it last year we had to give it a go.

“It’s paid off. I might be back again, you never know. You’ve got to try. Three in a row would be good, so we’ll see.”

McRae said he rates the Leadfoot Festival highly and commended the organisers and Leadfoot Ranch owner Rod Millen for getting such a diverse grid of cars.

“Its tremendous. You wouldn’t go to another event where there are so many different drivers from different disciplines to sign one t-shirt. I think that just sums it up, there are a lot of people from all over motorsport coming to this event. It gets bigger and better every year.

“Goodwood is just outside of London where there’s how ever many million people, so there are a lot more people there but I think the quality here is every bit as good.”

A top 10 shootout was held for the Open Class, Pre-1975 and Pre-1960 cars. Millen won on his own turf in the Pre-1975 division with his 1974 Mazda RX-3. Millen recorded a 53.67 and was followed closely by Rick Bone in his 1972 Datsun 1200 Coupe with a 55.00 second run.

Paul McCarthy rounded out the top three with a 55.22 second run in his Ford Escort RS1600.

The Pre-1960 grid was taken out by Ray Ferner in his 1931 Ralph Watson Special BSA FW32. He recorded a 64.13 second run, while second was won by Cam Neil in his 1939 Chevrolet 39 Coupe with a 65.74 second run. Peter Jordan got third in his 1951 Citroen Light 15 V8 with a 66.43 second pass.

Allan Woolf won Best In Show driving his 1965 Triumph Vitesse. Woolf’s Best In Show also coincided with the announcement the event would be his last.