Wednesday, Feb 14 05:20pm
AUTHOR: Simon Chapman

Jordan Cox keen to come race in New Zealand again

Australian Improved Production sensation Jordan Cox says he’s keen to try out a few more circuits around New Zealand.

Cox spoke with after his final outing in the TradeZone GTRNZ GT3 and GT4 grid at the New Zealand Grand Prix last weekend.

Behind the wheel of a plucky little Honda Civic EK4 usually driven by owner Martin Dunn, Cox managed to record two podium finishes and a fourth place in race two.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” Cox said.

“It’s opened up my eyes to racing in another country. It’s very community based with all the clubs. Everyone gets along and supports each other and everyone is here for a good time. It’s been great.”

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For Cox and car owner Dunn, it was mission accomplished as they made big strides forwards in the setup of the car. He managed to record a weekend best 1:16.442 in the opening race of the weekend, four seconds faster than his qualifying time.

“Martin wanted to progress the car and was struggling a bit with it lately. We wanted to help him fast track the development process and I think we’ve achieved that for him.

“They’ve been quite big changes. We’ve softened the car up significantly in the spring rates, front and rear. The chassis is very stiff on that car, so the way you tune the shocks and suspension around that is a different approach. I think we’ve achieved some good things.”

Cox battled hard all weekend in GT3. Despite facing some tough opposition from the V8 Ford Falcon of Shane Whitley and the other turbocharged cars, he was still able to haul the four-cylinder Honda to the front.

“It was fun, a lot of fun. It’s the same old story as back home, getting caught behind cars with a lot of power.

“There’s not much you can do there. But that’s how I learnt my race craft with the big guys. I felt like I made do with it pretty well.”

There may be more opportunities for Cox to come back to New Zealand this year if all goes to plan. Already there are plans formalising to get him back in action at another event soon.

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Cox said he’d love to see more of the country and try out some of the circuits. Endurance racing may be on offer for Cox if Dunn is coerced into putting a bigger tank into the Honda. If not, however, other opportunities may still surface.

“I’ve done a bit of endurance racing back home at a club level. That’s totally different to sprint racing. There’s more team members involved and everyone has to work together. It’s a lot more satisfying from that perspective.

“I’ve looked at Hampton Downs and Taupō. The high speed tracks. I want to go have a crack at that! Highlands particularly looks like a great facility. They’re all on the to do list.”