Monday, Jan 13 06:00pm
AUTHOR: Simon Chapman

Comedy turned charitable: Shane van Gisbergen helping bushfire relief

In recent weeks the motor racing community has banded together to help support Australian bushfire relief efforts.


Among those helping have been Scott McLaughlin who raised nearly $100,000 with the auctioning of his 2017 helmet used in the latter half of the Supercars Championship season.


Several more drivers including Daniel Ricciardo, Toby Price and Thomas Randle have auctioned memorabilia as well. Six-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton even donated $500,000 to the relief efforts.


What Shane van Gisbergen and Nick Foster started as a parody Instagram channel is now trying to make a difference.


Apex Hunters United began as an Instagram account making light fun of drivers driving well wide of the apex. It often features van Gisbergen and Foster among others from around the world.


“I hope you’ve been enjoying us taking the piss out of each other and our fellow Billy club racers,” van Gisbergen said in a post. “Here in Australia, there’s something bigger going on here at the moment.”


Foster added: “There are some pretty horrendous bush fires ripping through Australia. We wanted to do out part for the RFS to try and raise a bit of funding.”


All proceeds from the merchandise will go towards the Rural Fire Service and selected wildlife charities.


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