Formula 1
Friday, Feb 21 10:55pm
AUTHOR: Zane Shackleton

DAS outlawed for 2021

Mercedes controversial Dual Axis Steering (DAS) system will be outlawed from 2021 according to

As has been well documented, Mercedes AMG Formula 1 team has seemingly developed an ingenious mechanism that utilises the car’s steering wheel to manipulate the toe angle of the front wheels.

Lewis Hamilton caught the attention of the paddock yesterday when it was seen he would voluntarily pull back on his steering wheel that subsequently altered the front wheel angle.

The performance benefit is understood to be minor, though DAS has been credited as a solution to overcome wayward tyre heating – where one portion of the tyre (e.g. the outer face) would warm at a different rate to another section of tyre, while also giving a potential top speed boost.


Whilst the legality of DAS for the forthcoming season remains in debate, Formula One has already ruled that the system will be outlawed entirely for 2021.

A new Article 10.5 of F1's Technical Regulations states: "The re-alignment of the steered wheels, as defined by the position of the inboard attachment of the relevant suspensions members that remain a fixed distance from each other, must be uniquely defined by a monotonic function of the rotational position of a single steering wheel."


According to, the interpretation of this regulation means that DAS will be prohibited come 2021.

Cars are not subject to comply under the same regulations for testing as they are for a race weekend. Thus, for rivals of Mercedes, it becomes a situation of whether to proceed and copy a similar system to DAS or launch official protests into this foreign mechanism.

Whether the latest amendments to the F1 technical regulations come as a consequence of the introduction of DAS or was a clarification of particular rules concerning steering also remain unclear.


The final day of week one of F1 pre-season testing continues today from Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya


Photo Credit: Daimler AG