First Look: The new BMW M4 set for revamped DTM

The first stage of a new era for DTM has been ushered in with the Class One-specification BMW M4 making its debut.


Next year the DTM will move away from a four-litre naturally-aspirated V8 to a two-litre turbo-charged four-cylinder engine.


Part of the new rules and regulations are to align the series with Japan’s SUPER GT Series, which will be adopted next year by DTM and in 2020 for SUPER GT. Plans are being hatched to host a unified race between the two factions.


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The new Class One technical regulations move towards better safety, cost reductions and equal opportunities between manufacturers. The biggest aesthetic change over the 2018-specification car and the new-for-2019 car is a wider rear wing and updates to the front end aerodynamically. 


French-born Canadian Bruno Spengler, who won DTM in 2012, completed the first test in the newly-modified BMW M4 DTM to comply with the Class One regulations.


“After my first kilometres with the new DTM engine, I can hardly wait for next season,” Spengler said.


“I can just imagine how much fun it will be to take to the track with so much BMW Turbo Power.


“You can feel the extra horsepower. We will put on even more of a show for the fans in 2019.


“The amount of time at full-throttle is reduced – but the top speed is higher than before. We will have to work even harder at the wheel.”


It is understood that the new power units will push 460kW (620hp), up 75kW (100hp) on the last generation V8 engines. Top speeds are expected to near 300kph.


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“Our first few kilometres of the Class One era went very positively,” BMW Motorsport Director Jens Marquardt.  


“We are happy with all the functional tests. The new turbo sounds awesome. However, its most impressive attribute is its efficiency – despite being considerably more powerful than its predecessor.”


The first ITR test in preparation for the 2019 season is scheduled to take place from 11–14th November 2018 at Estoril in Portugal.


Aston Martin will join DTM next year, replacing Mercedes-AMG alongside BMW and Audi. Currently Nissan, Lexus and Honda compete in SUPER GT.