Tuesday, Oct 15 01:48pm
AUTHOR: Simon Chapman

WTAC International Drifting Cup pool draw revealed

WTAC International Drifting Cup pool draw revealed


All eyes may be on the Rugby World Cup in Japan, but the real action will be a Sydney Motorsport Park this weekend at Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge.


The Garrett International Drifting Cup takes on a world cup-style pool format, which pits the best drifters against each other in a quick-fire battle system.


There are eight pools in total. The pool system removes qualifying and takes competitors straight into two-car battles. 


One-More-Time (OMT) runs are removed to ensure a fast-paced competition. Each run is scored a Win/Lose/Draw. A win is worth two points, a draw is worth one point, and a loss is zero points. 


Each pool features five drifters, who will all battle each other. By the end of the round-robin pool phase, the points are tallied up. The competition then moves into a Top-8 format with Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and a Final. 


Garrett International Drifting Cup explained:


This year four drifters from New Zealand will be competing. Ben Jenkins has been drafted in Pool A. He’ll face Finny O’Hare (Nissan Silvia S15), John Dreyer (Nissan Bluebird), Matty Hill (Nissan Silvia S15) and Aaron Dewar (Nissan Silvia S14).


Both Troy Jenkins and Shane van Gisbergen have been drafted into Pool C. Jenkins will drive a 2JZ-powered Toyota 86, identical to brother Ben’s, while van Gisbergen will compete for the MCA Suspension outfit in a VK56-powered Nissan 370Z. He’ll face Adam Monck (Nissan Silvia S14), Andy Worth (Nissan 180SX), Jake Jones (BMW M3). 


Jesse Greenslade makes his debut in Pool G with his Nissan Silvia S15. He’ll face Beau Yates (Toyota 86), Dale Campaign (Nissan Onevia), Mitchell Doyle (Nissan Silvia S13) and Jordan Graham (Nissan 180SX). 


New Zealand-based Chinese driver Jerry Zhu will also be competing in a Nissan Silvia S15 in Pool F. 


This year’s International Drift Challenge will see a star-studded line-up competing on the extended Amaroo South Circuit. Reigning champion Naoki Nakamura of Japan returns with fellow countryman Masahi Yokoi, both in Nissan Silvia S15 drift cars. 


Formula DRIFT Japan champion Andy Gray will bring his Toyota Chaser JZX100 down under. Miki Takagi won't be the only female competitor in her Nissan Silvia S13, she'll also be joined by Kelly Wong who will drift he Nissan Cefiro.  

2019 Garrett International Drifting Cup Pools

Pool A Pool B Pool C
Ben Jenkins (NZL) Matt Harvey (AUS) Adam Monck (AUS)
Finny O'Hare (IRE) Andy Gray (SCO) Andy Worth (AUS)
John Dreyer (AUS) Naoki Nakamura (JPN)   Jake Jones (AUS)
Matty Hill (AUS) Levi Clarke (AUS) Shane van Gisbergen (NZL)
Aaron Dewar (AUS) Kelly Wong (AUS) Troy Jenkins (NZL)
Pool D MPool E Pool F
Koji Kitagawa (JPN) Matt Vankirk (USA) Nathan Greenhill (AUS)
Ken Wenqian (CHN) G Omerod (AUS) Jerry Zhu (China)
Masahi Yokoi (JPN) Mitch Pullen (AUS Michael Bonney (AUS)
Brad Tuohy (AUS) Angus Kidd (AUS) Blake Patterson (AUS)
Josh Boettcher (AUS) William Hill (AUS) Mitchell Jefferey (AUS)
Pool G Pool H  
Jesse Greenslade (NZL)   Anthony Bilic (AUS)   
Beau Yates (AUS) Miki Takagi (AUS)  
Dale Campaign (AUS Danny Probert (AUS)   
Mitchell Doyle (AUS  Ben Meir (AUS  
Jordan Graham (AUS) Brodir Maher (AUS)   


Photo: Scott Marshall Photography