Friday, Mar 1 12:48pm
AUTHOR: NZ Autocar

Ferrari reveals F8 Tributo, successor to 488

Move over, 488 GTB, your time has come. Almost four years after the turbocharged mid-engined supercar was revealed its replacement has arrived, the Pista-matching F8 Tributo.


Essentially, a major make over of the 488, the F8 packs 537kW and 770Nm (strikingly similar to a certain McLaren) from the same 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 as the Pista, the F8 Tributo can sprint to 100km/h in just 2.9 seconds, hitting 200 in 7.8 seconds. Flat out, the F8 will touch 340km/h.



Those performance credentials are partly due to weight of just 1335kg, before fuel. Aero has also been improved, with a ten per cent hike in aerodynamic efficiency over the 488.


The sleeker bodywork ushers in a new design language, with narrow headlights, busier vents in the nose as part of Ferrari’s fancy new S-Duct, and a sexy quartet of taillights round the back, à la 308 GTB. The louvres over the engine bay are a nod to the iconic F40.


Ferrari has worked on the inside too, with an end-goal of making the F8 more comfortable and easier to drive. On the tech side of things there are the latest versions of the Side Slip Angle Control and Dynamic Enhancer (FDE+) systems, which should let just about anyone get the tail out without wrapping themselves around a tree.



Further upgrades include a smaller steering wheel, a seven-inch passenger touchscreen display, round air vents and other fresh styling cues dotting the cabin.


The Prancing Horse will have the F8 Tributo on display at the Geneva Motor Show. Apparently it’s not the only release scheduled for this year either, with four more models possibly debuting throughout 2019.