Thursday, Feb 28 10:25am
AUTHOR: Simon Chapman

Ginetta reveal race-derived 600hp road car


It doesn’t even have a name yet, but Ginetta have revealed their ‘all-new supercar’ that will debut at the Geneva International Motor Show.


Powered by a 6.0-litre V8 pushing 600hp, the new supercar is set to crack 320kph (200mph). The car weighs a little over a ton (1,150kg) at dry weight, but the car comes standard with carbon ceramic brakes with 1.2G worth of deceleration.


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The V8 is coupled with a six-speed sequential transmission and will produce 705Nm (520 of torque. And it has a carbon fibre tailshaft.



The front mid-engine, carbon monocoque road car takes aerodynamic elements from their LMP1 race car to create what is a truly unique look.




About that aerodynamic chaos, that’s been run through the Williams F1 Team wind tunnel. The car can make 376kg of downforce at 161kph (100mph). That’s as much as an LMP3 car.


There’s enough room to go get the groceries in it too with 675 litres (23.8 cubic feet) of space in the cargo.


With an LMP1 steering wheel, chassis integrated seats, and lightweight bodywork all around – the car is more race car than road car.




Plenty more details about the car are yet to be released, including the cost and optional extras. Some of those should be announced at the Geneva International Motor Show.


Production of the car is expected to get underway at the end of this year with deliveries set for January 2020. Already there have been a few orders for the car. Ginetta will build 20 cars in the first year with anywhere between 30 and 50 thereafter annually. 


There might be more to this car though that we're not yet aware of. With new rules and regulations set to hit the FIA World Endurance Championship soon, the car could work as a homologation special. 




Organisers of the series are heading towards a GT-P (Grand Touring Prototype) set up that will see road cars used as the base for future top flight prototype racing cars. '


It is expected the likes of McLaren and their 720S could be used as a base for the future GT-P regulation set. With Ginetta's new supercar looking more race car than road car, it would make sense that this ends up being the base of their entry for GT-P in years to come. 


However, Ginetta's history in the World Endurance Championship hasn't thus far been a successful one with their G60-LT-P1 having only raced twice in the 2018-'19 season.