Friday, Apr 26 12:19pm
AUTHOR: Simon Chapman

Nürburgring inspired test track part of new $4 billion Toyota facility

Toyota Motor Corporation has announced the completion of stage one of a new research and development facility in Japan.


The newly built Toyota Technical Center Shimoyama is located in the mountainous areas between the cities of Toyota and Okazaki, roughly 30 minutes from Toyota City Head Office.


The facility features a 5.3km winding country road that will be used as a test track. The venue features a 75 metre elevation change and drivers are already testing at the circuit.




Toyota say they “intend to raise the bar” in driving performance, environmental friendliness, and safety with the new facility.


They plan to spend 300 billion Japanese Yen, that’s $4 billion New Zealand Dollars, by 2023 when the facility is fully opened. It’s expected Toyota will employ 3,300 people at the site.


A high speed test course, vehicle development facilities, and a specialised course to replicate real world conditions are set to be built too.




“With the aim of making ever-better cars, we have continued to make various efforts in "feeling the road" and "conversing with cars" through driving tests around the world, including our Five Continent Drive Project and the Nürburgring 24 Hours endurance race,” Toyota President Akio Toyoda said.


“Based on such experiences, we have replicated a variety of roads in the world at the new test course. In addition to conducting driving tests all over the world, and with the replication of severe driving conditions at the new test course, we intend to thoroughly hone every one of our models and develop the types of cars that epitomize the true joy of driving.


“As connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) technologies promise to transform the very nature of mobility, Toyota will remain true to its strength of building cars through genchi genbutsu and delivering emotional performance, and will continue to make every effort to bring a smile to the faces of our customers, regardless of the form that cars take in the future.”


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Around 70 percent of the total site area (approx. 650 hectares) consists of the original trees and greenery that were preserved, in addition to newly developed green spaces. Full consideration is being given to maintaining and managing the natural environment.