Wednesday, Dec 5 02:45pm
AUTHOR: Kyle Cassidy

Rotary racing royalty on show at Mad Mike's Summer Bash

If you’ve got not a lot to do on Saturday, head on out to Hampton Downs for Mad Mike’s Summer Bash. The weather forecast is showing a big high over the north Waikato, and the sun will be shining on rotary heaven.



Star of the show, Mad Mike (Whiddett), will be hosting his third Summer Bash, an event which he says is designed around having a great time.


“Whether you’re a competitor or spectator it’s just the maddest motorsport festival in NZ. We’ve got the wildest drifters from grass roots level right up to the pros and we’ve got the Time Attack Unlimited Outlaws out there just trying to break the track record.


"People can bring their low riders, any sort of car and just cruise around in a safe environment on the race track. We have Mazda Gymkhana where the fans are able to hop in an MX-5 and we set up a little drift course on the skid pad and let them experience some drifting.


"It’s about trying to ram as much excitement into one day as possible and showcase NZ’s best drifters but also give the grass roots guys a chance to shine as well.”



One of the star attractions will be a Mazda 767B Le Mans racer. Whiddett says it’ll be out on track for three or four sessions over the day.


“Hoshino-san, the owner, wants to drive it as much as possible on the day. He’s keen to even head out during the cruise sessions. So it’s a good chance for all the rotary owners in New Zealand to bring out their RX-2 or 323, whatever they’ve got and cruise around on the track too.”


The Summer Bash will be the only event where you’ll see all of Mad Mike’s cars together and he’s revealing three new drifters at the bash as well.


And for more on the 767B, make sure to check out our full feature on the car in the January issue of NZ Autocar magazine on sale December 20.



Photos: Tom Gasnier