Friday, Jan 11 05:31pm
AUTHOR: Simon Chapman

WATCH: Toyota team reveal V8-powered Prius racer

Japanese team apr Racing have revealed a new V8-powered Toyota Prius to compete in this year’s Autobacs SUPER GT Series.


Dubbed the ‘TOYOTA GR PRIUS PHV apr GT’ a total of two cars have been built to contest the GT300 division for FIA GT3 homologated and ‘Mother Chassis’ cars, like the Prius.


The apr Racing car is based off the new-for-2018 GR SPORTS PRIUS PHV. The engine utilized is not the RV8KLM in previous versions of Prius, used by the FIA World Endurance Championship competing Lola B12/60 and Rebellion R-One in LMP1.


Details of the new TRD V8 haven’t been released.


The apr outfit have fielded a Prius in the SUPER GT Series every year since 2013. The team ran a Prius and a Nissan GT-R until opting to soley run the Prius platform from 2016 onwards.


The team are known in Japan for running two Prius GT300 race cars, one a 3.4 litre naturally aspirated V8 and the other a hybrid-powered V8. 


Footage of the pre-facelifted Prius has surfaced on YouTube. Most noticeably, the biggest difference between the old V8 and the new is the lower revving throatier sound.