Tuesday, Jun 18 11:34am
AUTHOR: Simon Chapman

GRM taking orders for S5000 single seaters

S5000 builders Garry Rogers Motorsport are taking orders for the new single seaters ahead of their racing debut in September this year.


Based out Victoria, the team are able to arrange sales or lease deals for arrive-and-drive packages. As yet there is no public price tag for the cars. 


After delays to get the series off the ground due to manufacturing processes, the S5000 category will officially take to the track at Sandown International Raceway in Melbourne over 20−22 September.


At least two race meetings will be held this year with the second to be held at The Bend Motorsport Park near Adelaide in November.


The two race meetings will serve a s precursor to the 2020 season that will run under the Australian Racing Group banner, who also run the TCR Australia Series.


There are currently five Onroak-Ligier carbon fibre tubs being built to S5000 spec by the team at the moment with a further nine on their way to Australia.


Formerly sourced from European and American suppliers on the original S5000 concept (formerly Formula Thunder 5000 and Super5000), the controlled S5000 specs now feature suspension, uprights, wheels and engine components designed and manufactured by Australian companies. The chassis and engine are the only other elements of the package that are outsourced.


GRM has further evolved the newly-approved suspension originally developed by Borland Racing, while the all-new uprights have been designed and built in conjunction with Holinger, world-famous suppliers off the car’s six-speed sequential gearbox. 


The wheels have been designed by GRM and built by Max Wheels, part of the Max Dumesny Motorsport empire.


“Once we took over this project, our goal was to see a pure race car represent the best of what Australian racing engineers and manufacturers could muster,” Team Owner Garry Rogers said.


“Our mantra was ‘Whatever could be made in Australia, it had to be.’


“The wheels that were part of the original car were being sourced from overseas. But when we spoke to Max Dumesny, he was keen to be involved, and knowing he could make them locally and had the necessary expertise to do this, we went with it.”


The cars will be powered by a fuel-injected 5.0-litre quad-cam V8 Ford Coyote ‘Alumina’

prepared by Brisbane-based outfit InnoV8. Once up and running, the cars will make 560hp and 460 ft-lbs with a max 8000rpm.


“For the engine, there were off the shelf parts that we could have bought from the States, but we decided to get them manufactured locally with the assistance of InnoV8,” Rogers said.


“Through my 55 years in business, I’ve always tried to improve young people, and the best way to do this is to make them think and give them responsibility.


“The mere requirement to bolt on parts that arrive in a box teaches people very little, whereas if they have to come up with a solution and design, manufacture and fit what is required, it teaches them life-long skills.


”At GRM, we have a significant composite department and alongside LC Composites in Braeside, Vic, we have designed and manufactured many of the composite components that have made up the S5000.


“Australian manufacturing has been left in the dark in recent times, and this is our way to ensure that Aussies continue to be employed and their business continue to have their doors stay open.


“This is a great car, and it’s going to be a category that we can all be proud of. Formula Ford has been the category that has waved the open-wheel flag in Australia for many years, and now we’ll have a high speed open-wheel option which will not only be a crowd favourite, but it will be safe and cost-effective.”


So, while the Australian motoring manufacturing sector is in decline, the all-new S5000 class can hold its head high, with Australian know-how leading the charge as the category’s eagerly anticipated debut looms.


Photo: Daniel Kalisz