Wednesday, Mar 25 03:36pm
AUTHOR: Zane Shackleton

*Helmut Marko advises Max Verstappen to 'catch covid-19'

Helmut Marko has always been a notorious figure in the motoring community, but nothing has quite been as bizarre as him advising Red Bull driver Max Verstappen to ‘catch covid-19.’

In an interview with Kronen Zeitung newspaper, Marko discussed the implications the evolving covid-19 pandemic has had on Formula One.

Marko then went on to detail a phone call he had with Verstappen who was concerned the virus would hinder his 2020 racing regime. The 70-year-old then went on to reveal the eccentric advise he offered to the worried Verstappen.

“He [Max] told me on the phone he was terrified of getting the virus,” Marko said.

“The best thing would be if he got infected now, he’s 22, it’s not at a high risk and he would be in a better place for the run to the title later being already immune.”

Unfortunately for Marko, recovery from the virus does not guarantee full immunity from a second transmission.

The current Formula One championship currently remains in a state of situ with the first eight rounds being either postponed or cancelled indefinitely. Nonetheless, the sport’s managing director Chase Carey reaffirmed yesterday that the sport is committed to bringing its fans a 2020 championship season.