Friday, Feb 21 09:21am
AUTHOR: Zane Shackleton

Holdsworth hopeful to see a new penalty system in place

Lee Holdsworth has urged Supercars to enforce a different way of legislating penalties after yesterday’s accident with Garry Jacobson during the opening free practice in Adelaide.

Holdsworth came across a slow-moving Jacobson while exiting turn three on one his hot laps.

Jacobson then swerved onto the racing line and into the path of the Truck Assist Mustang before both clashing and suffering damage.

Jacobson was subsequently fined $1000 for the incident that left Holdsworth vividly frustrated.

The stewards summary reads:

“The Driver of Car #35 admitted to a breach of Article 3.11 of Schedule B2 (Driving unnecessarily slowly, erratically or in a manner potentially dangerous to other Drivers) and the Stewards imposed a Fine on the Driver of Car #35 in the sum of $1,000.”

However, Holdsworth is dissatisfied with the system of penalties the sport’s governing body. Rather than fines and grid drops, Holdsworth would like to see a Formula One-inspired superlicence system.

Offences issue points onto the licence until a driver has breached a certain amount that they are then dealt a severe penalty.

“Sometimes the fines, the point penalties or the grid penalties don’t work the way they should,” Holdsworth said to

“What I’d like to see in the future is a point system for offences like that incident, where if it is a repeat offence you get your (licence) points taken off of you and eventually if you run out of points you are given a harsh penalty.”

Formula One introduced the penalty points system in 2014. Driver’s would receive a certain degree of points depending on the severity of the incident. After 12 months from the penalty the points are removed.

If a driver occurs 12 points on their licence in the course of a year then that driver is suspended for the following race weekend.

“It was a mistake on his behalf, he has admitted that he said sorry and apologised, so we just have to leave it at that and move on,” Holdsworth continued to

“It is not ideal to start the weekend like that, it is a pretty dangerous situation.”

Both Holdsworth and Jacobson will be out for practice two of the Superloop Adelaide 500 from 2.35 pm NZT.


Photo Credit: Supercars