Wednesday, Aug 14 11:55am
AUTHOR: Simon Chapman

ON-BOARD: Pikes Peak in a 900hp twin-turbo Porsche 911

When the squad at BBI Autosport decided to embark on the journey to conquer the 2019 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb, they had their work cut out for them.

They had less than 30 days to turn a bare Porsche 911 991 shell into a complete, bespoke, insane-mode hillclimb monster.

Just finishing the race is accomplishment enough, let alone setting a full on Pikes Peak record in the Time Attack 2 class.

Emotions and altitudes run high, as our boys go out to support the BBI team in their run at this legendary hillclimb. All of this courtesy of the team at Hoonigan. 

Watch the on-board video below:

Watch the feature video below: