SsangYong Utes

Todd Prujean defeats Daniel Connor in SsangYong mini enduro

Todd Prujean was faultless in a dominant 40-minute long SsangYong Racing Series weekend finale at Pukekohe Park.

Tom Vanderloos led the way initially after Farhad Moinfar dropped from pole position to third on the opening lap.

The safety car was brought out on lap two after several cars speared off at turn one. Everyone managed to get going again, but Christina Orr-West was one of the worst off after contact with another car.

Fast man Daniel Connor was one of those who got caught up in the turn one melee and suffered front end damage. Fortunately, he was able to carry on.

The race restarted a lap later with Vanderloos ahead of Moinfar, Lance Northcoat, Matt Henney and Australian driver Charlotte Poynting.

Poynting managed to make her way up to third, but was demoted back down to fourth after race one winner Todd Prujean began to find his way through the field.

Prujean continued his charge. By the start of lap seven he’d passed Northcoat and was up to second. Moments later he passed Vanderloos for the lead.

Moinfar found himself in a spin on lap seven at the esses. He got through unscathed, but dropped a handful of places.

Alex Sherie and Kirk Stoneman came in for their compulsory pit stop after 10 minutes. Meanwhile, Poynting ended up facing the wrong way at turn four after a spin.

The margins began to ebb and flow as several more pitted for their stop.

The fight at the front was still fierce. Prujean held hard charger and previous weekend podium getter Murray Brook at bay. Vanderloos and Connor looked on in third and fourth respectively.

Brook, Connor and Vanderloos all pitted as the race hit halfway. That left Prujean out on his own.

While Connor and Brook battled for the lead, Prujean pitted and returned to the race comfortably ahead of Connor who by now had passed Brook.

The battle between Connor and Brook looked to have hurt them as both James Watson and Mark Mallard returned out ahead of them.

With all the drive-throughs complete it was Prujean who led Watson, Connor, Brook and Mallard.

After briefly being behind, both Connor and Brook got by Watson. Brook dropped to fourth with a minute to go after he suddenly slowed.

Connor pushed late in the piece to get by Prujean for the lead but couldn’t get within touching distance.

Brook eventually fell to sixth with an issue. That meant Kirk Stoneman was fifth and Mark Mallard was fourth. The top three was completed by James Watson with Connor second behind race winner Prujean.

Photo: Geoff Ridder