Todd Prujean takes SsangYong Racing Series hat-trick

Todd Prujean took his third straight win at Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park in the SsangYong Racing Series with a dominant final win.


Farhad Moinfar was quick to take the lead from the second row of the grid. He slid down the inside of Tayler Bryant who started on pole position. Lance Northcoat slotted into second and Australian Chris Quinlin third.


There was nearly drama behind as Kirk Stoneman went wide and off the road at Turn 4. He bounced over the grass and nearly ended up in the gravel, but managed to return without incident.


Moinfar established a handy lead halfway through the first lap while Northcoat battled to hold onto second place. Tom Vanderloos quickly shot up to third and put pressure on Northcoat.


Morgan Foster parked on the infield after Turn 3 with an unexplained issue.


Vanderloos went side-by-side with Northcoat for second through Turn 1, 2, 3, 4 and five, the pair slid wildly as they were separated by only half a car width. Vanderloos eventually prevailed with a pass at Turn 7.


Their battled slowed them though and Murray Brook got by both of them to steal second place. Brook carried on his charge and eventually got to the front of the field. Todd Prujean made his way to the front too and the pair began to battle.


Further afield, Callum hedge fill in Alexandra Whitley was making moves through the pack. She’d started at the back of the field and was knocking on the door of the top 10 early on in the piece.


Brook pitted for his compulsory pit stop while in the lead and got out of the battle.


There was drama behind the as Charlotte Poynting and Moinfar spun each other at Turn 1.


The race carried on as too did the pit stops. That spread the field out but eventually saw Prujean holding a 13 second lead with 10 minutes to go. Behind him was hard charger Mark Mallard and consistent performer Christina Orr-West.


Kirk Stoneman somehow managed to maintain fourth in the running, despite having several off-road excursions late in the race.


Ultimately Prujean cleared out to a 16-second lead to win from Mark Mallard and series regular Christina Orr-West. 


Photo: Geoff Ridder