Saturday, Feb 15 02:39pm
Velocity News

Vodanovich wins race 1 of the Toyota 86

Vodanovich gets the win in race one of the Toyota 86's at the NZ Grand Prix at Manfeild.


Peter Vodanovich got off to a great start starting from P2 and lead the race from start to finish.


Connor Adam’s start wasn’t so good the pole setter dropped down to fourth.


Further down the field there was some close racing in the fight for sixth place, Wilkins and Gilchrist going wheel to wheel with a tightly groups field of 86's in tow.


Conor Adam put in a great fight to redeem his start, challenging Ransley for third. But Ransley keept cool under the pressure throughout the race. They had some good clean racing with Ransley keeping the door firmly shut on Adam, it was the final corner on the last lap where Adam was hard on Ransley’s bumper and got a good drive out the last corner and got past Ransley as they cross the line to take third from Ransley.


Jaylyn Robotham finished second and while never catching up to Vodanovich, ran a clean race.



1. Peter Vodanovich, NEXEN DTM
2. Jaylyn Robotham, Eastern Performance Centre
3. Connor Adam, Poste Haste
4. Jaden Ransley, Miles Toyota
5. Justin Allen, Battery Town
6. James Wilkins, Kaizen Racing/That English Bloke
7. Brock Gilchrist, NEXUS Logistics
8. Campbell Stewart, Total Oil
9. Richard Peasey, Toyota GAZOO Racing New Zealand
10. Andrew Jackson, Northshore Toyota
11. Connor Davison, Highlands Motorsport Park
12. Ryan Wood, CareVets
13. Leo Bult, North Western Toyota
14. Tayler Bryant, Brian Roberts Paint/CareVets
15. Todd Foster, Post Haste
16. Brayden Phillips, Carters Tyre Service